Projects and examples.                                                                                                              

Picture is of interior wall mount fixture in a CS33. BA 15 Double contact base.This LED and the others project a true warm white light.


Picture is of ceiling mounting dome light. Lens removed showing LED Bayonet base fixed to reflector. 3M 4200 used as adhesive. Velcro will work also.

Project showing a Noma strip fixture conversion to LED strip lights.The 12" long 5 watt LED strip replaces 2x 18watt bulbs.

Close up image.The old bulbs, sockets and wiring would be removed.The LEDS are held in temporarily for this image. For even more light, 2 LED strips could be used.

Anchor light conversion. G4 Tower Led soldered directly into existing socket.

Benefits of LEDs

* Extremely low power consumption. (around 100 ma @13 volts for most leds featured here)
* Converts almost all energy to light, not heat .
* Long life span (40,000-100,000 hours)
* Durable and insensitive to vibration - LED bulbs do not have any fragile or moving parts, therefore making the lamp robust, shockproof, and safe to touch .
* Lightweight and compact.
* Wider Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) and Colour Selection, without the use of filters and lenses.
* No reflectors are required to direct the light .
* No mercury or other toxins, no UV radiation.

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