Injector overhaul on a Volvo MD 2003

After experiencing a lot of blue smoke from Winsome's II 25 year old Volvo diesel engine

(Must have been a lot of motor sailing going on by previous owners!)

It was time to perform an injector overhaul. Compression was good. Oil consumption was good.

Injector overhaul performed by Huron Fuel Injection Ltd, Clinton, Ontario.(Two thumbs up!)

After pop testing the injectors, spray pattern was terrible and opening pressure varied by over 200 psi between the

3 injectors. No wonder the idle and overall smoothness of the engine was rough.

If you are in the general area of SW Ontario, give Pat and Heather a call. They are the experts at diesel fuel injection systems.

Pictures tell the story. Picture below showing injectors before removal. Fuel return rail removed.

High pressure line removed.

Injector bore in cylinder head showing carbon fouling.Copper sleeve still in place.

It's important not to disturb the copper sleeve. To do so probably means pulling the cylinder head.

Injector tip before cleaning. Notice the carbon and soot buildup.

And after copper washer in place.

And another view...

To remove dirt from the bottom of the injector bore I made up this tool.

It a 1/4 OD stainless tube I had. I put a sharp edge on the end and taped it to a vacume cleaner.

Now I can stick it down the hole and vacume up the carbon and dirt.

Another view..

Next, install the injectors makeing sure the fuel return side faces the valve cover and are all parallel with each other.

To bleed the fuel system proper it really helps to have installed one of those "squeegy bulb" thingys.

I find the primer lever on the fuel lift pump is much to weak for this kind of work.

Starting at the bleeder screw on the fuel filter, work your way back along the fuel return rail. Tighten each nut as fuel just

starts to squirt out. Leave the main high pressure fuel pipe nuts 1/4 turn loose for now.

With the compression release lever engaged, crank the engine until you see fuel dribble out of the top of the injector (s)

Tighten down the high pressure fuel nut.

Check your work, clean up, disengage compression release, and start enging.

If you have done everything right...the engine should start in the first few seconds.

I ran the engine at the dock under smoke! The engine ran smoother and quieter.

While doing all this I figured I might as well check the valve clearances.

I word of warning here...there are spacers underneath the valve cover on the bolts that secure the cover.

These spacers can fall off as you are removing the cover and drop down into the pushrod bores.

The spacers should be here....

To remove the valve cover, you have to remove the compression release lever and it's retaining bolt.

After checking/adjusting the valves, make sure that the breather hole is not covered up by the new gasket.

New gasket in place.

There...just some tips to make the job go easy.

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